Dated addresses created with qdated-0.52 and earlier are incompatible with this version. The easiest way to deal with this is not to send any mail with dated addresses until all of the dated addresses you've used have expired (by default, this will take one week), and then upgrade to qdated-0.53. I also recommend that you create a new key by removing ~/.qdated-key and then running qdated-makekey.

How to install qdated
Changes from previous versions

The qdated-makekey program
The qdated-now program
The qdated-check program

What is it?

qdated is a set of programs that create and verify timestamped e-mail addresses. These addresses expire after a user-configurable period of time. After an address has expired, any mail sent to that address will bounce. Any attempt to alter the address (for example by changing the timestamp) will render it invalid.

Expiring addresses are useful for people who post messages to newsgroups or mailing lists or in other public places. Because the addresses have a limited lifetime, they can't be abused by spammers (not for very long, anyway).

qdated is designed to be used with qmail.

Chris Johnson